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Welcome to VideoMaps!

If you love animated maps, especially ones about history, then this website is the best website to discover them! You can find out stuff about major VideoMappers or new ones yet to be discovered. Create an account for free to the right if you want to comment. If you have a suggestion for another VideoMapper that we have not seen yet, please click the Submit page!

Being a major VideoMapper

A VideoMapper is a YouTuber who makes animated maps about real-life historical events or plausible alternate history scenarios based off of past events. The problem is that there are exceptions to this and there are more precise requirements to be a VideoMapper. Continue reading the page to see what things are VideoMapper material and things that are not.

1. Animated or slideshow

The map animation needs to be either a smooth, constant animation or a slideshow. By slideshow, the video must show the map for the majority of the video and changes in the map. Text doesn't matter, but if it is not attached to the slide of the map and takes up more than half the video, it's not a real map animation. Having too much dialogue-slides without changing maps makes it more like an online story with pictures. Documentaries show maps occasionally, but it doesn't make it an animation.

2. No "Future of" videos

Alternate history can be amusing, insightful, exciting, or haunting depending on the subject. What if Hitler captured Moscow? What if Abraham Lincoln was never shot? What if on the way to a battle, Napoleon slipped and fell off a cliff? Videos about the future, even if they are a smooth animation, cannot count as a VideoMap. The future for one thing is very hard to accurately predict. Most videos of the future take little into account and are either ultra-nationalist "(country name) will rise again!" type videos or "Russia vs USA vs China vs Arab League vs Google" type videos. They have little basis and are very implausible. The future is not alternate history simply because it hasn't happened yet.

3. They have to be the main focus

If a channel has one map animation and 50 minecraft videos, it won't be featured as a videomapper. For an example, if your friend knows basic first aid, but does not have an official license for a medical job, he is not a doctor, nurse, surgeon, etc.. Keep in mind, they don't have to necessarily be a majority of your videos, but they certainly have to be the main focus. Channels that do not have videomaps as the main focus but still a large portion of their videos will be considered semi-videomappers and will be featured on the major videomappers page but will not be included on the charts. If they haven't even made a videomap in a few months, then they're no longer considered a semi-videomapper.

Example of a VideoMap


The requirement to be featured on the site has been lowered to 50 subs, but the charts from now on show only those above 2000 subs, both active and inactive.